The Harbour Today
The Holy Island of Lindisfarne lies off the Northumberland coast connected to the mainland by a tidal causeway that is closed by the sea twice a day. The island has a resident population of 162, but welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, attracted by the island's cultural, natural and spiritual heritage, which is of international significance.
Recently the local area has ranked bottom of 643 UK parliamentary constituencies for annual pay for all jobs. On the island, seasonal tourism impacts on the sustainability of the community; employment opportunities are temporary, low waged and low skilled; house prices are unaffordable as second home ownership exceeds 50% of stock and community facilities are closed during the winter months.
Supporting the fishing industry, although employing small total numbers, is therefore crucial to sustaining a resident community on Holy Island.

The current fleet of six boats has recently been increased by two, to eight vessels. These local boats fish for lobster and crab and have been increasing their catch whilst conserving the local shellfish population by operating a V-Notch system of marking. Growth in catches has risen over the last 5 years despite operational difficulties; with access to the pier being limited due to water depth restrictions and the necessity to land catches on the foreshore on a significant number of days throughout the year.
The Development Trust wishes to redevelop Holy Island harbour and pier with a programme of improvements, which will increase access and berthing for boats, provide a much better health and safety setting, and upgrade the operational environment for current users. These actions will increase the economic viability of the harbour for existing businesses and create additional marine leisure and tourism service opportunities, whilst maintaining the current special nature of this working harbour.
The Trust has recently secured funding from the Big Lottery Fund "Village SOS" scheme to kick-start this work. Other capital projects are being actively pursued.